Our Approach

We provide a wide Range of Professional Services to Meet your Needs

Results Driven

More Than Just Collecting Rent

From maintenance, marketing and Tenant Procurement, to bill paying and monthly accounting, we handle the day-to-day operation of your properties, relieving you from the anxieties and stress of managing real estate. Through our expert management services, we maximize the return on your investment and ensure all the details are handled.

By maintaining excellent Tenant relatioships and diligently caring for your property, we avoid most foreseeable problems. By informing Tenants of their responsibilities regarding your properties maintenance and their lease agreement requirements, we can mitigate the repair expense and quickly and professionally settle any problems that may arise with your interest in mind.

Personalized Service & Expertise Every Step of the Way!


We use a multi-step approach to property management that ensures consistent, high standards of property repairs & maintenance, thorough & accurate accounting and consistent leasing practices that will ensure the highest possible return on your investment.

STEP 1. Property Make Ready 2. Aggressive Property Marketing 3. Comprehensive Tenant Screening 4. Property Leasing 5. Aggressive Rent Collection 6. Manage & Coordinate Evication Process 7. Periodic Property Inspection Program 8. Property Maintenace & Repair 9. Property Related Bill Payments 10. Monthly Owner Reporting & Disbursements 11. Annual Owner Statements and IRS Reporting